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04 MARCH 2021

Dr. Holly Nel

Back to Basics – The fundamentals required when collecting microplastic samples in the field and analysing them back in the lab

01 APRIL 2021

Elvis Okoffo

Pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the quantification of selected plastics in environmental samples

05 MAY 2021

Dr. Andrew Mayes

Practical microplastic detection with Nile Red – from schools outreach to DIY imaging ring

03 JUNE 2021

Dr Oluniyi O. Fadare

Aquatic ecotoxicity of micro(nano)plastics: Perspectives from animal models

01 JULY 2021

Christian Ebere Enyoh

Application of Index models for assessing freshwater microplastics pollution in Nigeria

04 AUGUST 2021

James Wakibia

The role of civil society in fighting plastic pollution


Dr. Conrad Sparks

Sharing our experiences on microplastic research in cape town, South Africa

07 OCTOBER 2021

Dr. Eric Okuku

Marine litter pollution in Kenya

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